Sunday, April 24, 2016

If Life was a Competition

It's been a while! My God has it been a while. I'm sorry. My life has been a series of interesting events and end of school year happenings. You know...normal teacher problems. I guess now is the time to update everyone on my life. That is if you actually care. If you don't that's okay! There are pretty pictures down below to look at instead. Here we go!

I'm right in the middle of summer planning. Between a long-term road trip, going to a music academy for teachers, and visiting family in far off places, it's looking like it will be a top shelf summer!  I love moving and traveling. A quick fun fact about me is that I actually dread breaks from school where I have nothing planned. I'm happiest when I'm either working or seeing the world.


I recently found a quote that to summarize tells you not to compare yourself to others, only compare yourself to your past self. When I read it, it really struck me. I'm not a competitive person at all. I've never been the type of person to set out and be the best. I am however the type of person to compare my life to others', and I need to stop it.  It shouldn't matter to me who's getting married, who has a house, who is starting a business, or definitely who is or is not single. I have an awesome life. That's all that matters. End of statement.

If I want to improve anything about my life, I need only to make it better than the life I had yesterday. So that's my goal for the summer/rest of the year. I hope it sticks! And I hope everybody is happy with their lives, because your life is awesome, and I'm jealous of how well everyone's life is going.

p.s. Photo Credit goes to where I found these adorable illustrations of classic quotes.
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