Sunday, March 29, 2015

NEW HOMEware Haul

Like every little girl ever born there are only two things I look forward to most in life. Decorating my own home, and the day I get to skinny dip off the shores of Greece. Wait...maybe that last one is just me.

In my new video I run you through my recent home purchases that are going to influence the rest of the house. I hope you enjoy my color and style themes!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

My Home Style Inspiration

We've reached the stage of no return when it comes to the house. IT'S DECORATING TIME! 
 Unless you can't tell I'm more than a little thrilled by this, and I'll try and give you a few insights into my plans.
Somewhere along the way I decided to call my new home The Lake House and a theme was born.

My goals for this house are:

1. Subtle but still noticeable beach theme.
2. Anything that can, will be glass.
3. Stick to a classic black and white color palette with blue being the accent color.
4. everywhere. 

I've already started buying things to decorate my home with. Although to be completely honest I've been collecting for my future home for years now. Hobby Lobby is now my new "Home Style" best friend, and glass buying enabler. 

Once everything calms down a little bit I will film a homeware haul where I'll show everyone what I've already collected to decorate with. Below are just a few of my photo inspirations that I refer to when deciding what to buy or not.
Found at
Nautical Mason Jar Lantern Tutorial- Turn your old mason jars into patio lighting!  - 
Living the Anthropologie way of life...: DIY Anthropologie Home Decor Part II... 
 Found at
Simple ideas to dress up your home! #DIY #Glass
Silverware storage ...

Thank you so much for coming on this adventure with me! I look forward to giving random updates along the way and then a final home tour. If you have any new home owner suggestions or decorating suggestions in general, please feel free to share! (I can't do this all by myself)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Cure for Everything

Painting should be the next Olympic sport. No really. I've spent two consecutive weekends painting and updating my "soon to be" kitchen. I'm exhausted, I can't lift my arm above my waist, and I clearly do not have the stamina to be a professional painter. All that aside I'm getting more and more excited everyday for this next part of my life. It's a tad overwhelming, but totally worth it.

Now that I'm home and achy all over it's time to pull out my cure-all remedy. I'm talking a hot cup of wonderfully spicy vanilla tea, and it's time I share this life changing recipe with everyone.

The Perfect Cup of Tea

Pick your favorite mug and fill it almost to the top with water. Then dump the water into a pot and set the stove on high to boil. While the water is heating add two peppercorns or if you're using a grinder, three twists of the grinder. If you're like me and you view life as The Spicier the Better three full twists...maybe four is best. Next find the best smelling cinnamon stick you can get your hands on and add it to the pot. Take out a teaspoon and measure out 1/4 Ginger and 1/4 Nutmeg into the water.

Let this amazing smelling concoction boil for five minutes. Once the torturous time has passed turn off the oven and add two bags of your favorite tea. Mine is Twinning's Earl Grey. While you're at it (to sweeten the pot...literally) add three teaspoons of brown sugar and one teaspoon of vanilla.

Once you've let the sugar and sweetness co-exist with your life changing tea for five additionally excruciating minutes, get your cup ready. Add your desired amount of milk to the bottom of the cup, and pour your tea over a strainer into the cup. Once you've fished your well used cinnamon stick from the pot add it to your cup to double as a stirring implement and aroma therapy. Now...very carefully, sit down and relax. The last part is very important.


This recipe is borrowed and modified from the amazing Estée from You can see her Vanilla Chai Latte recipe here. Her recipe and tea are absolutely fantastic!

If you enjoyed this you will love my Tea Cup post. You can see it here!


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The House

I've been a little absent on the blog lately. At first it was intentional and then completely by accident. You see...I bought a house. I'm really quite proud of it actually. It's an adorable little white house that's the perfect size and shape for me. 

If you're a home owner you know the buying process is exceptionally stressful and time consuming, so you will forgive me for my absence. 

This major step in life is usually paired with other life events like marriage, or moving across the country for "big" jobs. I have accomplished neither but this was the needed next step in my life.

What this means now is that you'll get to look forward to lots of decorating, DIY, and emotionally overwhelmed homeowner posts.

I'm very excited! I hope you enjoy some of the very first pictures of the inside. Consider these the before photos.

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