Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How to Help Someone Who Won't Be Helped

We all have that person, right? That person in our lives who begs for help, but at the first sign of total honesty runs in the opposite direction. How do you help someone who won't be helped?

You can't.

You can love them and give them advice all day long, but if it's not what they want to hear they won't listen.

Whether it's the girl chasing after a boy who is completely wrong for her, or it's your best guy friend pursuing a potentially disastrous life path. Whatever the situation the response is always the same...

They say: "Please help me I'm lost."  
Translation: Please only tell me things I want to hear. If you're going to be completely honest about how bad this is for me, I won't listen.

Sometimes I just want to scream WHY!? WHY DO YOU KEEP ASKING FOR HELP IF YOU WON'T TAKE IT! (Then slap them back into making right choices.)

I understand that everyone becomes the person their mistakes make them into. I just wish I could hand out "Go Back" cards. Playing cards that would allow people to see their mistakes and go back and fix them after.

Until the day those cards exist I will continue to love, listen, and provide advice to those who need me. I will also be mentally screaming, and visualizing shaking them all into submission.

How do you help someone who won't be helped? I'm sure we could all use some advice on this. any and all advice welcome!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Life Update

Hello everyone!

The other day I was going through my old posts and came across my New Year's Goals. To my surprise I've already accomplished a couple of things on my list. So it's definitely time I give the blog a little life update.


I have one! It's true, I am now a homeowner. What's even better is my house is finally finished being made liveable! I will now start the tedious process of moving my limited belongings in and trying to decorate on an almost non-existent budget. Fun things will be coming soon.


I am *almost* done with my first full year of teaching in the same place. I've been teaching for a couple of years now, but mostly going where I was needed while I worked my way through my gap year. This year I accepted a big girl position that required me to make a full commitment (something I've never been good at.) I've definitely had a lot of ups and downs, but I'm glad I've stuck it out. There's about one more month until I will have officially made it and then there is the process of finding out if I'll be asked to come back next year. No matter what, this has been an amazing experience.


No pets yet. I know I said I'd be getting either a puppy or a kitten once I moved into my house, but it's been put on hold. The reason why is I will be traveling quite a bit this summer. So instead of getting a pet just in time to leave it for weeks a time, I will be putting it on hold until the beginning of the next school year when I can love and prepare for it properly.


Still no updates in this area. Shocking right? I'm honestly just trying to survive day to day so this will be more of a focus during the summer. I actually downloaded the app Tinder to my old iPhone in an attempt to woman up and control my own destiny. Believe me, I know it's not the classiest of apps but I thought it was a good place to start. It turns out I'm too much of a pansy to turn it on. I'm truly terrified someone I know will find my profile and then tell everyone I work with. This area of my life is a constant work in process.


I hope this update is finding you well. How are your goals for 2015 coming along? I really want to hear how everyone is doing. We're a family here and it's definitely okay to over share.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

He Rides Polar Bears, and Sometimes Brings me Flowers When it's Snowing.

We all have a list. 

A list of the qualities we want in a significant other. Lucky for you I found my list from college today! I have decided to share it here for you. Along with the list I will be adding some side notes to try and explain my self a little bit. I hope you enjoy!

1) A rather luxurious afro of glorious red hair.

(I have a small obsession with gingers. I love everything about them and find male gingers insanely attractive. There's also just something about an afro... I can't explain it.)

2) Non smoker

(I personally am allergic to smoke. I don't see a cohesive relationship happening if I can't even be in the same room as you for extended periods of time.)

3) Not an alcoholic. 

(Self explanatory)

4) Knows what music is...really. None of this I want to impress you so I'm going to pretend that everything I hear on the radio is great. 

(As someone who has dedicated their life to this fine art, it's definitely important to me that you at least understand a little about my passion.)

5) BE LITERATE! Read a book. Heck read several.

 (Knowledge is power my friend.)

6) Have a good grasp on grammar please. 

(I can't handle people who can't construct a basic sentence.)

7) A bit taller than me would be nice, anyone shorter would be worryingly short. 

8) Someone who talks to me during football games.

(To me, this is a sign of true love.)

9) Be funny, unintentionally. If you work at it you could get tired and I would get bored.

10) Hey be available. I hate being ignored when people are busy. HATE IT!

11) Be nice to everyone, especially my friends

( If they don't like you I'm taking it as a sign to run far far away.)

12) Be a safe driver, with a hot car. One of my favorite things to do is just ride in the car looking out the window.

13) Dress weather appropriate. I know it's random but there are shorts for summer and pants for winter. None of this I am a MAN I wear shorts year round then catch pneumonia, but it doesn't matter because I'm a MAN!

14) No sexism. I can do whatever you do, just sometimes I may not want to.

15) Teach me something. I like to learn unless it wasn't evident by the fact that I've spent about 99% of my life in school.

16) Make me pay attention. We all know I have attention difficulties. I'm looking for someone that can make me focus. I have big plans, you won't be in them unless I want you to.

17) Come travel with me. You and me kid....we're going to go places.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Why I Say "We" When it's Just Me

I've been reading/watching back a lot of my old posts on here. You've probably noticed by now that I say we a lot. You've also probably noticed that I'm terrifically single as well. So why do I say we? Let me introduce you to the three most important people in my life.

My Dad - 

I'll start off by saying that he hates this picture, so that's why I used it. My dad is the glue that holds us all together. If anything is broken he can and will fix it. I don't do anything without asking his advice first. Chances are if I want to do it he's already done it and knows how to do it better.

My Mom -

Our resident creative genius, and hopeless optimist. My mom can make anything beautiful. Whenever I was in school I would have her write my name on all my things because her handwriting is beautiful. (Okay...I actually still do this.) She's the reason I travel. I grew up listening to her stories of amazing far off places.


My Little Brother -

My little brother "the surprise." He's ten years younger than I am, almost to the day. He's more often than not confused for my son instead of my sibling. My goal in life is to make him the very best person he can be. Even though that means that I'm harder on him than anyone else. A special bonus to my life is that he's actually also a student of mine.

I hope you enjoyed this brief introduction and quick glimpse into my life. Now the next time I say we you'll know I'm not hiding some elicit affair from everyone.

...or am I?

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