Friday, April 10, 2015

Why I Say "We" When it's Just Me

I've been reading/watching back a lot of my old posts on here. You've probably noticed by now that I say we a lot. You've also probably noticed that I'm terrifically single as well. So why do I say we? Let me introduce you to the three most important people in my life.

My Dad - 

I'll start off by saying that he hates this picture, so that's why I used it. My dad is the glue that holds us all together. If anything is broken he can and will fix it. I don't do anything without asking his advice first. Chances are if I want to do it he's already done it and knows how to do it better.

My Mom -

Our resident creative genius, and hopeless optimist. My mom can make anything beautiful. Whenever I was in school I would have her write my name on all my things because her handwriting is beautiful. (Okay...I actually still do this.) She's the reason I travel. I grew up listening to her stories of amazing far off places.


My Little Brother -

My little brother "the surprise." He's ten years younger than I am, almost to the day. He's more often than not confused for my son instead of my sibling. My goal in life is to make him the very best person he can be. Even though that means that I'm harder on him than anyone else. A special bonus to my life is that he's actually also a student of mine.

I hope you enjoyed this brief introduction and quick glimpse into my life. Now the next time I say we you'll know I'm not hiding some elicit affair from everyone.

...or am I?

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