Sunday, April 19, 2015

He Rides Polar Bears, and Sometimes Brings me Flowers When it's Snowing.

We all have a list. 

A list of the qualities we want in a significant other. Lucky for you I found my list from college today! I have decided to share it here for you. Along with the list I will be adding some side notes to try and explain my self a little bit. I hope you enjoy!

1) A rather luxurious afro of glorious red hair.

(I have a small obsession with gingers. I love everything about them and find male gingers insanely attractive. There's also just something about an afro... I can't explain it.)

2) Non smoker

(I personally am allergic to smoke. I don't see a cohesive relationship happening if I can't even be in the same room as you for extended periods of time.)

3) Not an alcoholic. 

(Self explanatory)

4) Knows what music is...really. None of this I want to impress you so I'm going to pretend that everything I hear on the radio is great. 

(As someone who has dedicated their life to this fine art, it's definitely important to me that you at least understand a little about my passion.)

5) BE LITERATE! Read a book. Heck read several.

 (Knowledge is power my friend.)

6) Have a good grasp on grammar please. 

(I can't handle people who can't construct a basic sentence.)

7) A bit taller than me would be nice, anyone shorter would be worryingly short. 

8) Someone who talks to me during football games.

(To me, this is a sign of true love.)

9) Be funny, unintentionally. If you work at it you could get tired and I would get bored.

10) Hey be available. I hate being ignored when people are busy. HATE IT!

11) Be nice to everyone, especially my friends

( If they don't like you I'm taking it as a sign to run far far away.)

12) Be a safe driver, with a hot car. One of my favorite things to do is just ride in the car looking out the window.

13) Dress weather appropriate. I know it's random but there are shorts for summer and pants for winter. None of this I am a MAN I wear shorts year round then catch pneumonia, but it doesn't matter because I'm a MAN!

14) No sexism. I can do whatever you do, just sometimes I may not want to.

15) Teach me something. I like to learn unless it wasn't evident by the fact that I've spent about 99% of my life in school.

16) Make me pay attention. We all know I have attention difficulties. I'm looking for someone that can make me focus. I have big plans, you won't be in them unless I want you to.

17) Come travel with me. You and me kid....we're going to go places.

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