Friday, December 26, 2014

My 2015 Fortune Cookie

 I'm really horrible at setting and keeping New Year's Resolutions. I just can't do it. So this year instead of starting myself off with what will ultimately lead to failure, I'm going to make some predictions instead. If I get them right...Great! If I get them wrong...Great! I'm sure something better came along.


2014 Review:

Favorite Movie: Pacific Rim

Favorite Book: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Favorite Piece of Music: Gustav Holst Second Suite in F - Movement Four: Fantasia on a Dargason

Favorite New Food: Halloumi Cheese

Favorite Place: West Hampstead, London

Favorite Smell: "It's Raining Men" shower gel from Lush Cosmetics

Favorite Memory: Honestly... It's a toss up between seeing Pentatonix as a VIP with two of my very best friends, and every moment from my two weeks in London. Even the crap parts like getting hit on by a sketchy Parisian. I'm so glad I conquered my fears and went for it.

Biggest Regret: Wrecking my Jeep, because I was stupid and thought I could drive on ice.

2015 Predictions:

I will finish my first full year of teaching. I will be exhausted and constantly on the verge of tears, but I will be done.

I'll have/be in the process of getting my first home on my own.

I will spend the summer going to places I've never been before. (My first summer without a job.)

I will stop being the type of person that takes out my job frustrations on other people. I will love my job even when I hate it.

I will get a puppy.

I will work on meeting a Male Friend this year. (Did you catch my Sex and the City reference?)

What are your plans for the new year?

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Memories

I genuinely love this time of year. Not only is it a very needed break from reality, but it's time I get to spend with family. This year is the first in a long while that we will be celebrating right here at home. You can tell our excitement by the pure number of presents under the tree. Normally we could only get what would fit in the car with us. 

Below are pictures from a walk around my Christmas memories.

 This little man is my favorite ornament of all time. You don't hang him off of a branch, or set him on a shelf. He was made to be put onto a Christmas light so that he can glow from within.

Why yes... that is a tea infuser disguised as a Christmas bauble. It's a random thrift store find that my dad wanted to make feel special.

 This is my baby Christmas tree that's been with me since my early days of college. Here you can see it looking up to the big tree and dreaming of a far more glamorous life.

 It's almost here!

This is only a small portion of the presents. It really is astounding. I actually believe there may be a Christmas wrapped pack of peanuts in there.

I hope your holiday is filled with warm fuzzy memories, and that you have a VERY Merry (and safe) Christmas!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Adventure

It's Christmas time in Tennessee! To get myself into the Christmas spirit I went on an adventure. The day was spent with my wonderful God-family and friends. We went to the Tennessee Aquarium and ended the day at Rock City's Enchanted Garden of Lights. I hope my video gives you some ideas for some excellent ways to get into the Christmas mood.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Why I'm Giving up Facebook in the Name of Peace

I once had a life changing conversation with a good friend of mine. It was one of those talks where I updated her on everything new that was happening, and about half way through I stopped and said, "I think the world is falling apart." Her response was so profound that I carry the thought with me everyday. She said, "You only think that because you watch the news."

It is the sole purpose of any news station to share and dramatize any and everything wrong with the world. It's their job, and we can't fault them for it.

Truth: The world is a terrible, awful, mind numbingly terrifying place.

Lie: That's just the way it is.

I can't be the only person that gets absolutely heart broken each and every time the news is on. I'm talking heart broken to the point of tears that this is happening in the world, and I can't do anything to make it better. What's more terrible is that immediately after watching the day's most gut wrenching stories, I flip over and check Facebook. And what do I find there? Engagement announcements, new cars, job celebrations, baby pictures, etc. What a bipolar world we live in.

Now, I know it's not Facebook's fault. I don't blame it on them in the least. It's my fault. Facebook is a guilty pleasure of mine. It's where I go to read mind numbing stories about pointless things that happen in daily life, and I add to it. I'm guilty of my own string of ridiculously unhelpful STUPID status updates.

So I'm making a change. This year on December 15th I'm going to deactivate my Facebook. It won't be forever, just until New Years. I'm going to use the habitual tick of checking my Facebook to remind me that I'm going to be different this year. Instead of checking in on the "First World" incessantly I'm going to do something positive.

I'm going to bring extra food to work to make sure my students who are hungry have a little something extra. I'm going to make sure that I let people know that if they need me I'm here for them. I'm going to make the world around me better than "just the way it is."

I'm also going to challenge you to do the same. You don't have to get rid of Facebook or Twitter or anything like that. Heck you don't have to give anything up if you don't want to. I challenge you to make your immediate world better than it already is. (Unless you live in Pleasantville, in which case keep up the good work.)

Go make a difference, because I'm tired of crying every time the news is on.
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