Monday, December 21, 2015

Things I've Learned in My 20's

 I am halfway through my twenties. I've learned some pretty important things in these five years that I feel the rest of the twenty something population might agree with.

Buy the Things that Make You Happy.
 Even if this means you have to save up for months, do it. Save the money. Buy the things. If you can't stop thinking about it get it. Your happiness is important.

Sometimes People Don't Know that They are Hurting You Unless You Tell Them.
 This one was actually shocking to me when I first found out. How could people not know that they are causing you pain!?!'s a thing. Not everyone is raised exactly the same way you were. They haven't been with you for every bruised knee, hurtful joke, or broken heart. Let people know they're hurting you. If they continue to do it, punch them in the face.

Let Go of Relationships that are One-Sided.
If you are the one putting in all the effort let them go. It's not worth it. If they were truly "In it to win it." they will feel the need to fill the void and start doing their part.

Dating is Hard.
Period. End of Statement. 

Find a T.V. Show You Love and Buy the DVDs.
 Despite what you may think internet will not always be available. It goes out sometimes. Having DVDs of your favorite show is like having a security blanket. It's nice to hear a familiar voice when you're home alone.

Spend Time with Your Family.
The older you get, the older they get. Think about it. 

Do Things that Scare You.
 I can't name one life changing experience I've had that didn't scare me first. As long as it doesn't kill you go do it. Meet new people. Go to exciting events. Get that haircut. 

It's Okay to Love Your Job AND Want a Completely Different Career.
 I LOVE my job, and I don't use that word lightly. I enjoy it even on my bad days. This doesn't mean that I don't constantly fantasize about becoming a helicopter pilot. Having dreams pushes you to do your best and gives you hope on bad days.

Hold On to Friends Who Ask for Nothing but Time.
 Your time is more valuable than any material possession you could ever own. If you have friends that know this and cherish your time accordingly. Hold on to them.

Couch Surf as Often as Possible.
 It's a rite of passage. Just do it.

Panicking is Totally Normal.
 ABSOLUTELY no one knows exactly what they are doing. Panic attacks are the brain's reminder that you're still learning.

And most importantly...
You can Absolutely Fix Anything.
 Forget what anyone else says. Anything is fixable.


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