Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How to Help Someone Who Won't Be Helped

We all have that person, right? That person in our lives who begs for help, but at the first sign of total honesty runs in the opposite direction. How do you help someone who won't be helped?

You can't.

You can love them and give them advice all day long, but if it's not what they want to hear they won't listen.

Whether it's the girl chasing after a boy who is completely wrong for her, or it's your best guy friend pursuing a potentially disastrous life path. Whatever the situation the response is always the same...

They say: "Please help me I'm lost."  
Translation: Please only tell me things I want to hear. If you're going to be completely honest about how bad this is for me, I won't listen.

Sometimes I just want to scream WHY!? WHY DO YOU KEEP ASKING FOR HELP IF YOU WON'T TAKE IT! (Then slap them back into making right choices.)

I understand that everyone becomes the person their mistakes make them into. I just wish I could hand out "Go Back" cards. Playing cards that would allow people to see their mistakes and go back and fix them after.

Until the day those cards exist I will continue to love, listen, and provide advice to those who need me. I will also be mentally screaming, and visualizing shaking them all into submission.

How do you help someone who won't be helped? I'm sure we could all use some advice on this. any and all advice welcome!

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