Saturday, March 28, 2015

My Home Style Inspiration

We've reached the stage of no return when it comes to the house. IT'S DECORATING TIME! 
 Unless you can't tell I'm more than a little thrilled by this, and I'll try and give you a few insights into my plans.
Somewhere along the way I decided to call my new home The Lake House and a theme was born.

My goals for this house are:

1. Subtle but still noticeable beach theme.
2. Anything that can, will be glass.
3. Stick to a classic black and white color palette with blue being the accent color.
4. everywhere. 

I've already started buying things to decorate my home with. Although to be completely honest I've been collecting for my future home for years now. Hobby Lobby is now my new "Home Style" best friend, and glass buying enabler. 

Once everything calms down a little bit I will film a homeware haul where I'll show everyone what I've already collected to decorate with. Below are just a few of my photo inspirations that I refer to when deciding what to buy or not.
Found at
Nautical Mason Jar Lantern Tutorial- Turn your old mason jars into patio lighting!  - 
Living the Anthropologie way of life...: DIY Anthropologie Home Decor Part II... 
 Found at
Simple ideas to dress up your home! #DIY #Glass
Silverware storage ...

Thank you so much for coming on this adventure with me! I look forward to giving random updates along the way and then a final home tour. If you have any new home owner suggestions or decorating suggestions in general, please feel free to share! (I can't do this all by myself)

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