Thursday, May 29, 2014

It's Been a While's been a while, huh? 

I told myself when I started this blogging adventure that I wouldn't take large amounts of time off. That was before my life took over. Lately it's been one thing right after another. New job, stressing about new job, sleeping as much as humanly possible, stressing about life, death in the family...etc, etc. I just couldn't keep up, and you can forget about getting inspired to write during all of it.

Times they are a changin'...

I'm back baby! And I'm preparing for my return to the UK in just under three weeks! It's so close that my pre-packing stress is starting to sneak in. 

Be prepared for more posts, packing lists, and shorts vlogs/ random diary updates from my trip. Until then thanks for waiting for me. I promise to be much better now.

Here's a picture to apologize for my naughtiness. Happy Summer!

It's a Pizza Burger from Tik Tok Diner in New Jersey. It's a regular hamburger with pizza sauce and mozzarella as toppings. I'd never had one before but you can bet that it'll be the only way I take my burgers from now on. 

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