Sunday, August 17, 2014

DIY Rock Cactus


Do you have a love for green plants while simultaneously having a special talent for killing them? BEHOLD! A solution to that exact problem. 

Fake cacti!

If you'd like to see how you too can have the perfect plant just keep scrolling, scrolling...scrolling.

What you need...

1. River rocks (color doesn't matter)
2. Acrylic paint and/or glitter 
3. Paint Brushes
4. Glass bowl or Terracotta pot 

Step 1:

Prime the rocks....

Observe these rocks in their natural habitat. 

Step 2:

Paint the rocks with their main color. I chose three different shades of green.

Step 3:

Choose a design and start decorating your rocks in a cactus pattern. I decided to have an accent rock that I covered in glitter. (Now my house is covered in it.)

Step 4:

Wait for it all to dry and put it together!

I filled up the rest of my glass bowl with the rocks I didn't use. I have seen many with sand or dirt used to hold up the rocks.

Now my fake cacti will go perfectly with my fake flowers and I'll have year round non-dying plants.


If you make your own fake plant, to brighten up your life without the guilt of killing something accidentally. I want to see it! Send me pictures. Hope you enjoy this easy DIY.

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