Sunday, October 19, 2014

10 Things You Don't Know About Me

 I'll start this by saying that I love when I get to know people better. I always feel closer to people when they tell you random facts that don't really matter but can tell you a whole lot about the person. Here are 10 random facts that no one knew before. Enjoy!


1. The voice in my head has a British accent.

I blame this on the fact that I spend more time watching British YouTubers than any normal person should.

2. I snap my fingers when I get nervous.

  I can't actually explain this one. It's just something I picked up while studying music. I snap rhythms that are in my head when I'm anxious.

3. I get pink/orange and green/grey confused sometimes.

I'm a little color weak.

4. I can only drive well with my left hand.

I'm a pretty dominant right handed person but for some reason my driving is sporadic when I try to use my right hand. I actually have callouses on my left hand from driving.

5. I have occasional extreme anxiety.

My stress likes to build up and become panic attacks that come out of nowhere.

6. I eat raw pasta like potato chips.

I'm going to add that I only eat maybe a handful in one sitting. 
I really like crunchy foods, but I'm not a fan of potato chips. One day while cooking I tried raw pasta and the rest was history.

7. I once won $1.46 in a settlement for a lawsuit.

This was when certain e-Books were being sued for price gouging and I had unknowingly bought some of the books. I had a friend who won over $20 in her settlement.

8. I often use office supplies to fix my hair at work.

Just call me MissGyver.

9. My biggest pet peeve with the universe is when two people fall in love and then one of them dies.

Nothing ruins a book/movie faster for me than when this happens. I'm looking at YOU The Fault in Our Stars.

10. When I was younger I had middle child syndrome.

When I was about ten I actually thought I was invisible to everyone I loved. Ahhhhh....child-like minds. Except sometimes I still have my doubts on if my family actually hears me when I speak.

Do you have any interesting facts about yourself you'd like to share? It's really fun to find hidden things out about people. Go ahead....put it in the comments. You know you want to.

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