Sunday, October 26, 2014


Let me just start by saying I hardly ever splurge for holidays.
Times are changing. 

I recently made a resolution to embrace holidays with full force. Halloween is no exception. Now that I have a classroom to decorate and captive audiences, *cough* I mean students to admire my stuff, I've become way more excited by the holidays.

Yesterday I went to Target, a magical place I hardly ever get to visit, and if you know Target you know the $1, $3, $5 dollar bins at the front of the store. Thanks to those bins here is my less than $9 Halloween haul.

 For $1 each I was able to get this spooky Halloween sign and miniature fabric pumpkin.
 The sign is going to grace my desk at school and the pumpkin is going to accompany a previous fabric pumpkin find of mine.

Next I was able to find a sarcastically hilarious double sided sign for my classroom, which was also just $1. 

Then I found the holy grail of Autumn finds. A mini pumpkin growing kit. One dollar for this was a steal. 
Say hello to my new class pet...

Lastly, and not quite Halloween related are these cute cups.
In an effort to make my future home the best it can be, I always pick up lovely pieces where I can. Here are my future kitchen's, future cups. Each were just under $1.50.

I hope everyone has an absolutely adorable, Happy Halloween!

Disclaimer: Target did not compensate me to write this post. I wrote it after buying all of these products on my own. Once again, Target if you'd like to sponsor me....I might be in to that.

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