Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I Think God is Trying to Speak to Me Through my Remote

To be honest I've been a normal passenger on the Struggle-bus lately. I'm about one heart break away from collecting my first cat and naming it Nibbles. Some days are far worse than others. Yesterday was one of those days.

I had just had an incredibly long day at school and was trying to relax at home. (Home for me being... my parent's house.) When I got into an argument with my father over puppies* and decided to end the evening early. Very early, about 8pm to be exact.

Having been emotionally and physically exhausted I climbed into bed, turned on my t.v., and proceeded to fall asleep almost immediately. Before succumbing to the inevitable unconsciousness I told God that I was tired. I was feeling forgotten and tired and I needed a sign. Just a little sign that I wasn't working so hard for nothing. That He did indeed have a plan for me. Twelve hours later and we bring you to today's story.

This morning after waking up I decided to try and see if my new favorite show Sex and the City was on. There was just one problem. You can't change the t.v. without the remote.

It had been missing since the previous morning, and I looked everywhere for that thing. I searched in my blankets, under my bed, inside my recliner, the refrigerator, my parent's closet, everywhere. That's when I got my dad involved. I walked into the living room despairing over the fact that I could be missing punny narrative by Carrie Bradshaw. So he decided to help. He too looked everywhere.

After a few minutes we'd each given up and both left my room to search elsewhere, and upon returning to my room I decided to try looking inside my recliner again. As soon as I reached to move my laptop I spotted it.....the remote. It was just sitting there on the recliner arm....taunting me. I screamed for my dad asking if he had found it. When he replied with a no I asked him to come to my room immediately to confirm that I was indeed staring at my remote.

I was.

According to my father it must have been there the whole time and I'd just missed it. But when I say I looked everywhere... I. Looked. Everywhere. There's no way I would have just looked past the remote when it was in the exact place it normally is every morning.

So I get it God. You sent me my remote to tell me you have my back. I appreciate the sign. Although, now that I think about it. I can't capitalize on it because this story is undoubtedly not as exciting as a white light after a near death experience.

Still appreciate it!

*note - It was much more eventful than the argument I had with my mother over butter about a month ago. These are all signs that I need to move out ASAP.

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