Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Nashville Room-tine's Day

Valentine's day has so many names. Valentine's Day, Singles' Awareness Day, and Gal-entines Day just to name a few. As a career single woman I usually spend the day alone or on rare occasion with good friends celebrating in style.

This year was probably one of the best Valentine's Days I've had. Lucky for me I have beautiful single friends who (shockingly) choose to spend the day with me instead of chasing off their many admirers with clubs. This year my former roommate and I took Nashville in style.

One of my life goals was to visit the wonderfully hilarious Olan Roger's soda parlor. Cleverly named...The Soda Parlor. It's a beautiful place, and this year for Valentine's Day Olan had a special "I Vow to Like You" float for anyone who knew the secret code (it was on Instagram.)

The Soda Parlor is housed in a renovated Marathon Car factory. Along with being a hipster mecca we were lucky enough to visit on the exact day they were having a one day only gathering of local Handmade Small Business owners. Simply put, it was the right place at the right time.

We had gourmet food truck tacos for lunch and really, REALLY good floats from The Soda Parlor for dessert. Keep scrolling if you want to see my picture story from the day.

After such an awesome day it was great to come home and relax BUT THEN THIS HAPPENED!

Thanks to Emily for spending the day with me so I wouldn't be in a ball of depression on my floor lamenting my fleeting youth. It was definitely much better this way.

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