Friday, February 27, 2015

7 Reasons Why I'm a Catch and You Probably are Too

I personally cannot stomach online dating. I believe it's a great way to meet people, and loads of friends of mine have met the loves of their life online. I can't do it though, and meeting people in real life is challenging at best. It's almost to the point where you need a business card to advertise your availability and why you are in fact an excellent catch. Which leads me to today's post.

7 Reasons Why I'm a Catch and You Probably are Too

1. I can recognize when I'm being irrational and will eventually fix it. - Note: I did not say "I'm never irrational." There will definitely be irrational moments. I'm a human being with human emotions. There will be moments where I will be angry, or sad, or so happy I literally jump up and down with joy. If any of these emotions don't fit what you find to be the socially accepted norm at the time, give it a minute. I will see the light and apologize for the irrationality.

2. I make great hot tea. - This may seem like a small thing, but what it really means is I know how to relax. There are times in life that call for Netflix, hot tea, and a pizza. I LOVE those times and will embrace them to the fullest with you. Plus I have a special Earl Grey recipe that I save for only special people. *Insert winky face*

3. I'm not high maintenance. - Do you need to leave in five minutes? Great! Give me seven... I said I wasn't high maintenance not zero maintenance. I take care of myself. I have a few nice clothes and I splurge on over priced organic beauty products. I can also get ready in less than 15 minutes if need be. I'm well maintained when I want to be and couch potato when called for.

4. I'm not afraid to get dirty (in a clean way.) - I grew up on a farm. If something requires all hands on deck, you've got me. If what you need means you might get dirty, count me in. I can fix a lot of every day things, and I have a vast knowledge of how to maintain pretty much anything. I'm actually really handy to have around.

5. I love myself. - It's hard to love someone who doesn't love themselves. No one can be expected to love someone else enough for the both of them. I'm not a Narcissist by any means but I have a healthy love for the person that I am. My self worth isn't attached to what others think of me.

6. I'm independent. - Somewhere along the way I learned that some people actually enjoy clingy significant others. I hate to disappoint you, but if that's the case I'm not the one for you. I can take care of myself and I don't need others to do it. I don't want someone in my life to take care of me, (that's what my family is for) I want to meet someone who compliments and completes my life not controls it.

7. I can pack really really fast. - This is a great skill I've picked up from years of traveling. I have a wanderlusting heart and the luggage to match. If you want to be spontaneous I won't slow you down. In fact you'd be hard pressed to beat me out the door.

You are a catch. Whether your list looks exactly like mine or 100% opposite, you are a catch too. Everyone is different for a reason, and there is someone out there for all of us. Maybe you've already found them, maybe you'll meet them tomorrow, or maybe they're just waiting for you to hand them a business card saying you're available.

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