Monday, February 2, 2015

DIY Modern Antique Frame

I've become very fond of white and antique frames lately. I was able to purchase a few at our local Hobby Lobby. Unfortunately I wasn't able to afford anymore. As luck would have it, after patrolling Pinterest for a few hours I realized I could make my own!

If you'd like to find out how to make your own Modern Antique Frame just keep scrolling, scrolling... scrolling.

 What you will need:

  • Thrift Store Frames (These beauties were found for just 25 and 50 cents each.)
  • Paint Primer
  • Paint colors of your choosing
  • White Spray Paint
  • Sponge Brushes
  • Coarse Sand Paper

50 Cent Frame
 25 Cent Frame


Step 1:

Remove all glass and any parts that may come off. Then clean off any debris and apply a light coat of primer over the entire frame. (Yes that is a cow print drop cloth...don't judge.)


Step 2:

After the primer has dried paint the frames with a thick coat of paint in your choice of color. Allow to dry over night.


Step 3:

Once frames are dried, coat with white spray paint until the entire frame is white again. Allow frames to dry over night and paint to harden completely.


Step 4:

Once the paint has dried and hardened completely use very coarse sand paper to sand off the top layer of paint where you choose. You can sand as much as you like. No two frames will be the same.


Step 5:

It's all finished! Add some hangers to your frame put in a lovely picture and you're all set to decorate.

Or if you're feeling really adventurous go ahead and use some string and miniature clothes pins on bigger frames to give it a more homemade look. Enjoy!

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