Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Concerts, King Beds, and Pneumonia?

This one takes place at a Pentatonix Concert in North Carolina. (First of all...PENTATONIX IS THE BEES KNEES! Go YouTube them here immediately.)

Photo courtesy of Billboard.com

This was just a little two day trip, no planes were involved, just an epic six hour car ride that involved lots of screaming to Pentatonix songs in the car. Here's what I learned from my little trip.

1) Check discount hotel websites. On this trip we got a VERY nice suite with one king size bed, one living room, one kitchenette, two TVs, one couch, and one really nice master bathroom. How much you ask? 80 dollars for the night! In the middle of Charlotte! (total of $40 each)

*(A few of my favorite discount travel sites are kayak.comexpedia.comtravelocity.com )

2) BRING WEATHER APPROPRIATE CLOTHES! This trip took place in the middle of February and I was the idiot who thought "Gee...I like snow, it won't be too cold." WRONG, so very very wrong. We waited outside in the snow and sleet for almost two hours and all I had on was a fleece zip up. This lead to a pretty nasty cold that set in almost immediately after the concert ended.

3) Go to concerts. Brave the chaos and go see someone in concert whether you like them, or if you don't even know who they are. Concerts are great places. You learn so much about yourself at concerts, like; am I really brave enough to dance around like an idiot in front of people I don't know? (p.s. The answer should always be Heck Yes!)

The moral of this DuffelTale is to break out of your comfort zone. Get the fancy hotel, drive six hours to a concert no one has heard of, dance like you'll never see these people again, and enjoy every second.

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