Monday, September 9, 2013

Sometimes You Have to Break the Rules.

I have been flying since I was three. It all started with flights to see my grandma, and I was hooked for life.

This story takes place on a flight to Rome. This was an overnight flight and as the plane was starting to take off we were receiving our usual "emergency instruction." We were also told to keep our visors down, as not to disturb others who may be sleeping.

Now, I had not flown in a long time and I wanted nothing more than to see the sky the entire time we were up, but listened to the flight attendants and kept my visor down....for a while.

When we were about an hour from landing I did the unthinkable. I lifted my visor. It was like a bat signal to the flight attendants. Dark cabin + open visor = immediate distrubtion to the peace. I saw the flight attendant coming, and was regretting my decision pretty much immeiately but I stood my ground and kept my visor up. When she got to my seat she leaned over my travel companion and whispered to me, "Since you are the only one with your visor open if you take a look out of the window you will see Paris, France below us."

(Picture from the forbidden open visor.)

It was the best unexpected gift ever. I was relieved to not be in trouble and was rewarded with a once in a lifetime sight.

This in NO WAY condones robbing banks or anything of that sort. By breaking rules I mean small rules. Don't murder anyone. I mean it. Santa is watching. Just don't be afraid to stand by your decisions.

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