Sunday, September 8, 2013

You can NEVER have enough underwear.

Right now I'm just a 23 year old living at home with my parents, but by night I'm just a 23 year old bumming off all of my friends living out of my duffel bag.

When I grow up I want to be a world traveler, but you never really "grow up" so I'm going to start as soon as possible. So far the places I have traveled are great, but what I never realized is that I learned the most from the things I didn't go to see.

Most of the lessons I have learned are 100% applicable to life.

1. It's not about the travel companion, it's about the adventure.
I went on a really big trip a couple years ago, and my companion wasn't who I had ideally planned in my mind. Ultimately when I look back the trip was everything I wanted it to be, no matter who had come along (and we ended up having a great time together.)

2. Sometimes, you can start a trip thinking you know exactly what you want out of it, and come to find out it was the unexpected surprises that made the trip great.
When I went to Italy, the Sistine Chapel was all I could think about. was everything you could imagine, but what no one tells you is that the wall "supporting" the ceiling is the most gorgeous sight you could ever hope to see. I spent the entire allotted time for the viewing the ceiling staring at the wall, and I have never regretted it.
("The Last Judgement" courtesy of

3. You can NEVER have enough unerwear.
I don't have a story for this one, but just trust me. This tip will save your life.

Through the course of my blog, I hope to share stories and lessons I have learned from my travels, whether they be trips to the grocery store or trips across VERY large ponds.

Live, Love, Travel

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