Friday, April 4, 2014

I Collect Stories

I'm a collector of sorts... You've probably seen where I collect cups. If not you can see that here

I don't collect things because I like to have them as possessions. I like to collect things for the stories they hold. One of my favorite collections is my rosary collection. To me rosaries are things that are meant to be saved and kept safe. Here are just a few (I do mean only a small portion) of my favorite rosaries from my collection. I hope you enjoy!

Given to me by my aunt before setting off for college for the first time. She said it would protect me.
My smallest and very first rosary. I got this one when I was about 11 years old. It's a baby rosary that I found in an antique store. I begged my mom for it until she got it for me.
Made by the nuns in the Vatican. It's my favorite token from my trip there. Instead of a cross on the end it has a book with the Lord's Prayer in Latin. It now protects my car.
Rescued from a yard sale several years ago. It was too beautiful to leave. This beauty now hangs in the center of my room on my fan pull.

Do you collect stories or things? I want to know what you like to collect.


  1. River rocks... I toss them about in my driveway and flower beds. Why? Because I know one day, thousands of years from now, when I've been LONG dead and gone....someone, some "GENIUS" will come across them and try to figure out where they came from, how long they have been here, while wondering ... how on God's green earth they got to such a high elevation in SUCH a location where there isn't a river in sight for... many, many miles. Keeps people guessing... LOL! Love your Rosary!

  2. In response to collecting……… husband and I collect clocks.


    Serene moments in life are a fleeting thing. Whenever the opportunity allows and we hear the tick-tock, see the second hand move a few clicks around the face, or can hear the mechanism working is a serene moment which can be measured and is never taken for granted.


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