Monday, April 14, 2014

DIY Window Picture Frame

Have you ever strolled through a flea market or yard sale, saw an old window and thought "I can do something with that!" I do that too! One day I got the nerve to buy one of those windows and this is what I did.

If you want to see how I turned an old window into a really epic picture frame just keep scrolling...scrolling, scrolling.

What you will need:

  • 1 old "unloved" window
  • Wet rag (To clean off window)
  • 1 Wax pencil
  • Puff paint like this in any colors you want (Found at almost all Walmart and Craft Stores)
  • Pictures you want to show off
  •  *Optional* If you choose to paint the frame of your window you will need paint for this step. My window stayed as it's original color.

Step 1:

Clean your new found and unloved window. Make sure to remove any dirt from the frame and glass panes. If there are any pieces of metal sticking out of the frame (like on mine), it's a good idea to remove any sharp pieces.

Step 2:

Use your wax pencil to map out a design of your choosing on the glass. (On my window I used a regular pencil to map out the design on the frame.)

*Quick Tip* Draw your design on the front side of the glass. That way you can just trace over the wax pencil with the puff paint on the back side. Once you are done painting just wipe off the wax pencil on the unpainted side. This also keeps the smooth surface on the front of the window.

Step 3:

Once your Puff Paint has dried, clean up all excess wax pencil markings or regular pencil markings using your wet rag. Use this time to touch up any mistakes you might have made.

 Step 4:

Add all of your pictures. TADA! A one of a kind way to show off all of your favorite memories.

I hope you enjoyed making your own Window Picture Frame. If you have any pictures of your project, I would love to see them!

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  1. This is amazing!! I've wanted to get cracking with a DIY window frame for ages, but I've just not been able to lay my hands on one. I want to use the window frame to use as a simply for my bedroom wall, with fabric where the glass would be. But can I find an old window frame?! N, I can't. Boooo. This looks amazing, though! well done you! xx

    1. Thanks! I found this one at a yard sale when I least expected to find one. Keep looking they're out there!


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