Thursday, February 27, 2014

There's a Whole 'Nother World Out There

Since I've started this journey into blogging I have stumbled onto a new world. The Blogging World. This is a beautiful world full of wonderful people, very informative posts, and HILARIOUS stories.

I've decided to be an ambassador of sorts to this lovely new world. Here are some excellent places to start your new adventures, and my absolute favorite posts of all time.

The Bloggess (aka Jenny Lawson)

This woman is the reason I started into the "Blogging World." I bought her book Let's Just Pretend This Never Happened and laughed so much I cried. I then found her blog, and followed her on twitter. (Side note....SHE FOLLOWS ME ON TWITTER!) If you want to know where to start reading her blog, start with And That's Why You Should Learn to Pick You Battles. Make sure you don't have to pee though. I promise after reading this you won't have bladder control.

The Other Juliette

A new find of mine The Other Juliette is absolutely hilarious. She chronicles her adventures through life's awkwardness. My favorite story of her's and the place you should start is Yeah, but he's like my FIRST cousin. Did I mention she's really into GIFs? Because it makes it soooo much better.

Jarrett Bellini

I've mentioned him before. I love his writing and he is a real writer and columnist for CNN. Yes, I do mean CNN news network. I'm pretty sure this man doesn't know how to be unfunny. Try reading Haunted House Season. It's educational and entertaining at the same time.


Zoe is a beauty/fashion blogger and YouTuber. Her blogs are filled with useful information, Topics range from make up tips, hair tutorials, information on anxiety, and so much more. Whenever you've got some time check out her whole blog, you won't regret it. You can see what she's up to here.


Now that you've gotten a taste of this fantastic new world. Here's a website that makes it easy to get all your favorite blogs in one place. It also gives you an easy way to look for new blogs no matter what your interests are. Check them out here (This is completely not sponsored. No one would actually pay me to write about them.)

I hope I helped you find something new to read. I'd love to hear about anything that makes you smile.

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