Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Mom is an Underground Whisperer

* I make no excuses for the time between my last post and this one. BUT! I was working a temporary job that I had to move three hours away for, then I moved back, and took a trip to a very far away place. Like I excuses.*

This story is about always paying attention on the subway/underground, ESPECIALLY when you are in a foreign country.

On this adventure I got to cross off one of the main things on my bucket list.

               #10    TAKE MOM BACK TO SCOTLAND

Last November I got to take my mom on my trip to the United Kingdom. This trip was a consolation prize for me. Just a few months earlier I had to turn down a place at the University of Edinburgh due to being a poor college graduate. I told my family that if I turn down this amazing offer I am still going to the UK. I was determined to get there somehow....and I did.

Anyway, back to the title. On this night, we were on our second evening in Edinburgh, Scotland. Our group had spent the entire day shopping in the center of Edinburgh, and we were EXHAUSTED. While we were out that day I bought a map of Edinburgh just as a nice souvenir.  By the time we had gotten back to our hotel all we wanted to do was sleep. While everyone was resting I looked at the map, and was devastated. During our shopping adventures we were just BLOCKS away from the School of Music that I turned down. I wanted to go back, and my mother agreed. We packed on our coats, (I think it was 3 degrees Celsius that night) walked to the nearest Station, bought our tickets, and hopped on the train. Once we arrived back in the center of Edinburgh the school was only about 8 blocks away from the train station.

Picture of Alison House site of the School of Music. Sorry for the blur I blame my phone.

Then it was time to head back. After we had gotten back to the station, and asked our fair share of poor unsuspecting Rail Workers where our train was, we were safely back aboard heading toward our hotel. We had done everything right...what could possibly go wrong?
Well....when the train arrived at our station our door did not open. That's when my mom became an Underground Whisperer. Within seconds she had run across the car to the other door and yelled my name, in her painfully American accent. I had to make a break for it too. It was either get to the next door or spend the rest of the night trying to get back to this one station. I will forever be thankful for my mom's quick thinking abilities to get us off the train. What I took from this adventure is that I will from now on remain in my seat until the train comes to a complete stop and then assess which door is my best option.

Moral of the story: Always listen to your mother, even if she is making it painfully obvious you are NOT from that country.

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