Saturday, March 8, 2014

Adulting...A Review

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If the title of this book doesn't grab you, let me tell you some reasons why you SHOULD read this book.

I found it just after I graduated from college, right when I was dying to become the best adult I could be. Not only does this advice come from someone knowledgeable, but it actually comes from someone who's been there.  It's not just for the twenty somethings out there but for anyone wanting tips on becoming a better adult.

Step 1:This is the most difficult and important thing to accept if you wish to be a grownup: You are not a special snowflake. 

This book not only covers how to find an apartment perfect for you, and what to check once you've got it, but it also tells you how to make Chicken Noodle Soup! It gives you easy recipes for the non-cookers like myself, budget ideas for when you're first starting off, and the most magnificent advice for when it comes to dealing with people in your life. The book gives you simple life hacks like how to trick yourself into cleaning, and how to tell if you are responsible enough for a pet.

If you're still not sure that this book will be amazingly useful to your life, check out her book blog  It has many of the steps in the book and even more she has come up with since its publishing.

Step 58:Breathe, because it will eventually be over. 

I bought this book for myself and I would tell you if it sucked, which it most certainly did not. This is a 100% honest review. 

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